Visitor Visas

If you want to travel to Australia temporarily for any of the following purposes, we can help you:

• holidays or sightseeing;
• social and recreational reasons;
• visiting relative...

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Student Visas

These visas are available to people who wish to study in Australia or to act as guardians for overseas students studying in Australia. At Visas-online our registered migration agents know the rules for each of the student visa subclasses, some ...

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Work Visas

General Skilled Migration (GSM) requires all applicants to meet certain basic criteria:

• skills assessment in a nominated occupation on the appropriate Skilled Occupations List ;
• age: in gene...

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Family & Partner Visas

Family visas cover migration by parents, children and other relatives.

It is a requirement for family visas that the primary visa applicant be related to an Australian citizen, permanent resident or an eligible NZ citizen.


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