Student Visas In Canberra

These visas are available to people who wish to study in Australia or to act as guardians for overseas students studying in Australia. At Visas-online our registered migration agents know the rules for each of the student visa subclasses, some of which are:

• the new Genuine Temporary Entrant criteria introduced across all student visas lodged after 5 November 2011 
• streamlined visa processing for the university sector introduced on 24 March 2012 
• the assessment level system and the evidence of a genuine student that needs to be provided by student visa applicants 
• the rules for student visa applicants aged under 18 
• bringing family members to Australia on student visas 
• visa application lodgement and processing 
• applying for a student visa in Australia, including student visa extensions 
• conditions on student visas 
• review rights 
• permanent residence options for students. 
Generally, to study in Australia, overseas students must enrol in an acceptable course and also be granted a student visa. However, some people may study in Australia outside the provisions of the student visa program, including:
• New Zealand citizens who satisfy the requirements for a Special Category Visa 
• certain members of the student’s family 
• people who hold a visitor’s visa or ETA who may study for up to three months
However, the holders of subclass 676 visas containing condition 8207 (no study or training) cannot study at all. This is a mandatory condition on subclass 676 visas granted to citizens of the People’s Republic of China under the Approved Destination Scheme.
Importantly, student visa holders (or former student visa holders) currently in Australia cannot be granted a subclass 676 visa to allow them to commence or continue studying a registered course
There are eight subclasses of Student visas – 570, 571, 572, 573, 574, 575, 576 and 580. Which one is the right one for you?
Student visas are not as simple as they appear on the surface. Avoid costly disappointment and let Visas-online take the pressure off.
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